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At present there is differing scientific opinion over what level of methamphetamine consists as a safe level for New Zealander's to live in. While Meth Testing NZ has no bearing on these health decisions we feel we should point out the following:

  1. The majority of contaminated properties have little to no obvious signs of contamination whether that be from usage, storage or manufacture.
  2. Owner occupied properties can still be heavily contaminated. Amazingly enough in recent years we have found many scenarios where the home owner has contaminated their own property. 
  3. The Tenancy Tribunal is still ruling to 1.50ug/100cm2. This means that should the property exceed this level it may be deemed uninhabitable for renting. (The recent report suggest lifting the level to 15ug/100cm2 but no official review of the standard has been completed). 
  4. Should a tenant test the property and find it is over the 1.50ug/100cm2 level they can make an application against the landlord which could result in damages awarded to the tenant
  5. Real Estate agents are not required to disclose meth contamination unless the level exceeds 15ug/100cm2 or unless they are asked. Should the level of the property exceed 1.50ug/100cm2 and you choose to purchase the property as an investment this could stop you being able to rent the property lawfully.
  6. Re-sale, should you choose not to meth test now that does not mean when you go to sell the next potential purchaser won't either and we see regularly this can create large complications with the sale of a property.
  7. Due to the lack of clear research surrounding meth exposure we feel a conservative approach is always best when dealing with someones health and safety. 

At the end of the day meth contamination creates a degree of risk in both terms of legality and health and should you feel that the risks are to high and you require testing as a precaution, we can assist you.



Professional Meth Testing & Sampling By Experts

Guaranteed Results

All sampling done by the expert team at Meth Testing New Zealand is in accordance with the NZS8510:2017 National Testing Standard. Having sampled over 9500 properties, our reliable reports are generally available within 48 hours of receipt from our trusted partners at Analytica Laboratories, ISO 17025 accredited by International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ).

Tried-and-True Services

·        Purchasing a Property – It is part of a potential home buyer’s due diligence to make sure their new property is clean, healthy and meth-free. A crucial precautionary measure, meth testing can save a lot of future stress and cost as well as ensure your family remains safe from the harmful effects of methamphetamine. Field Composite and Laboratory Composite testing options are available.

·        Investment Properties – Meth testing is now a best practice for landlords and property managers when providing rental property for tenants. Testing is best conducted before and after tenancy to ensure that the property is meth free and to avoid future tenancy tribunal disputes. Field Composite and Laboratory Composite testing options are also available for testing real estate properties.

·        Confirmed Methamphetamine – Detailed assessments are necessary for accurately identifying the source of confirmed meth from prior testing that exceeds maximum acceptable meth contamination levels. This makes meth decontamination processes more efficient and cost-effective.

·        Vehicle Testing – Methamphetamine is easily transported in vehicles or carried on a person, so sampling vehicles also helps protect you from meth cross-contamination. This service has increased in popularity. Simply contact us for a fast quote!


Meth contamination is caused by smoking or producing methamphetamine in any property or vehicle, and poses a serious risk on your investments. Protect your real estate assets, your homes and your families from the deteriorating health effects of living in meth-contaminated property with effective and reliable meth testing.

Here at Meth Testing New Zealand we provide standard-compliant, professional and effective P contamination testing to help protect properties and home-dwellers all over New Zealand.

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Reliable Testimonials

"We are continually receiving requests from other companies to use their services for Meth testing. We are declining all their requests, as we are very happy with the service that we receive from Meth Testing New Zealand. They are prompt and efficient and are also very competitively priced. Why would we use anyone else?" 

Denise Smyth, Property Manager
Barfoot and Thompson Pukekohe, Auckland

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