Here at Meth Testing New Zealand we are all about offering our experiences and knowledge to assist in methamphetamine related situations you may be dealing with. We do not provide a “paid for” consultancy service as we believe this compromises the guidance provided. While the Methamphetamine Industry in New Zealand goes through it’s current changes and debates, many industry experts and members of the general public have formed their own opinions of these issues. As an established meth testing company who has conducted over 10,000 tests we have the knowledge and experience to provide real world answers about what we see on a daily basis.

We are more than happy to assist you where we can regardless of whether sampling has been conducted by Meth Testing New Zealand or not. We are not of the mind set to try and discredit other companies or try to use the information provided to push our own services we simply feel an obligation to use our specific skill set to provide transparent advice where we can.

If you are dealing with a methamphetamine related issue feel free to contact us for a chat 0800 34 34 33 or want to write it all down instead? Simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch

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