Screening Assessment

Detailed Assessment

Laboratory Composite

Screening assessments are most commonly used when screening a property for methamphetamine. It is the most economical type of test. A sample is taken in every room but it does not provide individual room by room results, instead you receive an accumulative total for the property.

Detailed assessments follow NIOSH 9111 and the recommendations of the NZ Standard for methaphetamine sampling. Two individual samples are taken in each room and sent to the laboratory overnight to be individually analysed. This type of test is designed to assess where the contamination is within the property. It is also accompanied by decontamination suggestions where required.

A laboratory composite is a different method of taking samples for reporting. It is most commonly used when you suspect methamphetamine has been used or manufactured. It breaks the property into segments of rooms and the result is the average contamination. However, the individual samples are held by the lab so individual results can be quickly and economically re-run if required.