It is part of a potential home buyer’s due diligence to make sure their new property is clean, healthy and meth-free. A crucial precautionary measure, meth testing can save a lot of future stress and cost as well as ensure your family remains safe from the harmful effects of methamphetamine. Field Composite and Laboratory Composite testing options are available.

Meth testing is now a best practice for landlords and property managers when providing rental property for tenants. Testing is best conducted before and after tenancy to ensure that the property is meth free and to avoid future tenancy tribunal disputes. Field Composite and Laboratory Composite testing options are also available for testing real estate properties.


Do you have a suspicion of meth activity?

Detailed assessments are necessary for accurately identifying the spread of the confirmed meth from prior testing that exceeds maximum acceptable meth contamination levels. This makes meth decontamination processes more efficient and cost-effective.If you have a suspicion of meth use or manufacture a more through initial screen is recommended.


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Over the past few years, owning a rental property in New Zealand has become increasingly controlled. With a number of deadlines approaching for further regulations, as well as the finalisation of the Residential Tenancies Act, there is an ever growing need for support in understanding your legal requirements as a landlord.



“Having a pre-tenancy meth test proves you have met your requirements of providing a safe home for your tenants and aids in Tenancy Tribunal and Insurance applications should meth be introduced into the property over the course of the tenancy.”

CEO Nathaniel Hamilton



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