When looking to purchase real estate of any kind the issue of methamphetamine can often be over looked as an unnecessary cost due to media confusion and a lack of reputable information sources.

Meth Testing New Zealand has sampled thousands of properties as part of purchasers' due diligence. Sadly we often find levels of methamphetamine present the exceed the Ministry of Health guideline. 

Some interesting things we have found are:

  • Often meth is found in properties that look very clean and tidy

  • Meth has been found in properties where it has been owner occupied for a large number of years (Sometimes it can be sons, daughters, partners etc) who use meth and the owners are unaware

  • Unfortunately we are aware of cases where owners will try to disguise meth contamination with a new paint job

  • No matter the value of the property meth can still be present. We have sampled properties price tags exceeding 3 million dollars and found high levels of methamphetamine

Testing Options

Laboratory Composite

In a Laboratory Composite multiple samples are taken within a property but they are all kept, and sent to the laboratory, individually for analysis. The laboratory will take an extraction from each test tube and combine them into a single analysis. The result is an average of all test tubes and also shows the combined total which is potentially on a single swab.

- One sample taken in every “high use” area in accordance with NZS8510:2017

- As the samples are all kept separate, if contamination is found they can be re-analysed individually to ascertain which sampling location holds the contamination.
Note: Re-analysis is an additional cost per test tube

- As samples are taken and kept individually, the sample collection takes longer and stricter cross-contamination practices must be enforced which increases the cost.

Field Composite

In a Field Composite multiple samples are taken at a property and then combined into a single test tube on site and sent to the laboratory for analysis. The results are reported as an accumulative total.

- One sample taken in every “high use” area in accordance with NZS8510:2017

- As only minimal test tubes are used the cost of analysis is more affordable

- As the samples are combined into a test tube, if contamination is found we are unable to isolate which room holds the contamination.


1-3 Bedroom $189.00+gst
4-6 Bedroom $259.00+gst
7+ Bedroom $329.00+gst


1-3 Bedroom $239.00+gst
4-6 Bedroom $319.00+gst
7+ Bedroom $399.00+gst

Turn around times

Standard: 48 hours*

Urgent: 24 hours*

*from the date/time Analytica Laboratories receives the samples.