Screening Assessment 

A screening assessment is a cost effective way of determining if there is any methamphetamine in your property. There are two main ways to screen a property for methamphetamine:

Laboratory Composite

In a Laboratory Composite multiple samples are taken within a property but they are all kept, and sent to the laboratory, individually for analysis. The laboratory will take an extraction from each test tube and combine them into a single analysis. The result is an average of all test tubes.

Field Composite

In a Field Composite multiple samples are taken at a property and then combined into a single test tube on site and sent to the laboratory for analysis. The results are reported as an accumulative total.


If you have a strong suspicion methamphetamine has been used in a property this method of testing may not be the most efficient and economical for you, contact us on 0800 34 34 33 for a confidential chat about your situation and we can make a recommendation for you based on our experience. 

All results are reported within 48 hours* after receipt by Analytica Laboratories

(*does not include weekends and public holidays)


Please contact us: 
0800 34 34 33