Services we provide in Tauranga

All sampling is done in accordance with the NZS8510:2017 National Testing Standard. Our reports are regularly used by Real Estate Agencies, Property Management Firms, Insurance Companies and other professional entities. Since being established in 2015 we have sampled over 8500 properties.  All samples are reported within 48 hours* from receipt by Analytica Laboratories, who are IANZ Accredited. 

Purchasing a property

Purchasing a property is often our largest financial decision. Sadly many purchasers fail to check for the presence of methamphetamine prior to going unconditional. This can lead to a huge amount of stress, confusion and cost involved with decontamination, often all undertaken without insurance cover.

We have provided sampling services for thousands of clients looking to purchase real estate throughout New Zealand and recommend a test is completed as a precaution during your due diligence.

Investment Properties

Providing a property as rental accommodation holds many legal requirements for landlords, property managers and tenants. Meth testing before and after each tenancy is becoming part of best practice as it provides proof a property is habitable prior to the commence of a tenancy. It also aids in assigning liability against a tenant should contamination be found during or at the end of a tenancy.
We have also seen an increase in tenants requesting meth tests. If no pre-tenancy test was completed and meth is found this often results in a claim against the landlord or property manager.

Confirmed Methamphetamine 

If you have a property or other asset that has tested positive for methamphetamine the next step is a Detailed Assessment. This is a requirement within the NZS8510:2017 Testing Standard and outlines a process to sample and clean a property to bring it back to a habitable state. 

Vehicle Testing

Since methamphetamine can easily be transported in vehicles or carried on a person, sampling of vehicles has become an increasing request.